Hotel San José

Hotel San Jose

Hotel San José

They say everything is bigger in Texas, but I beg to differ; Hotel San José is flawlessly boutique.  Located right on South Congress in Austin, Texas, this ultra-hip boutique hotel keeps hospitality simple and authentic.  Built in 1939 as an ‘ultra-modern motor court’, the stucco walls were turned into a hotel in the heart of a hipster neighborhood.  The vine covered entrance welcomes me to the bona fide Austin hotel, with cactus lining the building.  Facing the road is a wall covered in stainless steel, that reads: Hotel San José, making it obvious that I have arrived.

With the utmost sincerity, the staff brings my bags to the beautifully arranged Grand Standard room.  When booking a room I would suggest making sure that you are equipped with a private bath, and located away from the street view as to avoid any traffic noise.  The Grand Standard room is simple with sophistication, as the bed sits low to the ground with clean linens and plenty of lush pillows.   The hotel amenities are wonderful, but the simplicity of the room makes their advertising strategy quite obvious; flip flops, robes, and even our soap had price tags on it, which is not a very welcoming or chic touch, to say the least.

The dimly lit landscape of the Hotel San José is a subtle and chic alternative to the bright and iconic Austin nightlife, located only blocks away. The hotel has an outdoor patio, a perfect place for enjoying a glass of beer or wine, but there are no mixed drinks available.  I recommend the ‘Michelada,’ a homemade Mexican cerveza that even the locals will come to the Hotel San José to enjoy. Sit amongst the overgrown vines while at the pool, but do not expect too many lounge chairs as retro butterfly chairs are the common theme at Hotel San José.  Hotel San José is wonderful if you’re looking for a change of pace while in Austin, Texas.

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