Smyth Hotel

Smyth Hotel 1

Smyth Hotel

A part of the Thompson Hotels, the Smyth is surrounded by the fashionistas of Tribeca in New York City. Their modern décor of solid colors leaves the space looking clean, until you get to the “smoking optional” second floor. Smoking may have been chic in the 1950’s, but le chic traveler wouldn’t dare light Marlboro Lights in the 21st century. Avoid the second floor, but enjoy the 400-thread-count Sferra linens. However, don’t be fooled, you don’t get a top sheet. We aren’t sure if this is minimalism gone too far, or they just spent all their money on the staffs Helmut Lang -designed uniforms. Sure, Helmut Lang is exceptionally chic, but chicer would be keeping our bums away from the frequently used comforters. Enjoy your night’s sleep until the thin walls share the sound of the dirty deed happening next door. C’est chic to never kiss and tell.

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