Winvian Resort

Winvian Exterior

Winvian Resort

Tucked away on 113 acres sits one of Connecticut’s most prestigious resorts.  Winvian resort, built in the 1770s, was named by Winthrop, a founding member of Merrill Lynch, and Vivian Smith as a nod to their first names.  A wealthy couple from New York, the Smiths escaped city life to the hills of Litchfield whenever possible.  Part of the Smith family, Maggie and her daughter Heather, a Managing Director, restored the Seth Bird House, which serves as an historic farmhouse and centerpiece of the Winvian Resort today.

Scattered amidst the property is a collection of eighteen themed cottages suited with every bit of comfort one could ask for during a New England vacation.  Beaver lodge, stable, and a tree house 35 feet off the ground are just a few of the cottages designed by fifteen very imaginative architects.  However, the helicopter cottage includes a restored 1968 Sikorsky Sea King Pelican, and is by far the most thrilling.  But not to worry, the staff is extremely attentive and offers rides around the property or visitors can hop on a bike that comes with each cottage.

Each cottage is equipped with a sitting area and wood-burning fireplace to inspire some serious R&R, and the fully stocked minibar is just one of the many bonuses.  Leave your exclusive nest dressed to the nines and you are sure to fit in.  Head to the restaurant for meals served by chef Chris Eddy, trained under the acclaimed Boulud/Ducasse, featuring the seasons best ingredients.  Winvian’s wine choices are carefully selected and inspired me to try some of the finest vintages.   There is no need to be fooled by the exclusivity, Winvian is far from stuffy.


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